Wacom Interactive Pen & Touch Displays Leasing

Wacom LogoWacom is a technology company who are profoundly known for their graphic tablets. They are a huge name in the industry with a consistent high demand for their products. With years of experience and research under their belt, they keep their products up to date with all of the latest requirements from the industry.

The graphics tablets are great for most digital industries such as marketing, graphic design and website development alongside many more. The pen design makes it easy for you to make precise movements on your project, achieving the best results you possibly can. Not only this but you can make notes, edit photos and capture your ideas on one device. 

Wacom has created multiple graphics tablets to aid and further your artistic ability. From the intelligent Intuos Pro pen tablet to the massive 27" Quad HD Cintiq pen display, there are options for all purposes and projects. Utilise the new Pro Pen, included with all graphic tablets, to professionally create life like brush strokes thanks to 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.

Leasing Wacom products from HardSoft allows this professional technology to be affordable for smaller businesses. As with all our Flexi-Leases, we include a 3 year warranty and have our own team of engineers to assist you when you need extra support.

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