Desktop Storage and Backup Device Leasing

Working With the Best in Storage Computing​Data loss is incredibly bad for business, particularly if you do not back up. If your business loses all of its data it is highly unlikely that it will get back on its feet again. To prevent this from happening, HardSoft are able to offer back-up solutions on a Flexi-Lease basis from reputable brands such as Seagate, Drobo and Promise.

There is an extensive range of back-up available, but the three questions below should help you decide what version is best for your business:

  • How much data do you need to back up? -This should narrow down your search significantly.
  • Do you have a network of machines or a single PC or Mac? - If it's the former then you will need a NAS backup. If it's the latter then a standard desktop backup, such as an Apple Time Capsule or external USB, should do the trick and these tend not to be that pricey.
  • Have you considered entering "the cloud"? - A physical backup machine won’t be of much use in the event of a fire. With the cloud, however, all you need is an internet connection and you can access your data worldwide. Be wary though, costs will accelerate if you have over 100GB of data.
Why Flexi-Lease