Lease Network Attached Storage and Backup Devices - NAS

Network Storage leasing For larger amounts of data (1-24TB) and larger networks (5-20 users), these are the products for you. Whether your company uses PC or Mac, these network attached storage solutions can act simply as additional space or provide you with automated backup to ensure that all your important data remains safe. With up to 30TB available, you won’t have to sacrifice any data, just keep adding!

Delivering ultimate performance, network storage hard drives are more reliable than standard HDD drives ensuring you'll never experience a failure. Lease your network storage from HardSoft Computers and you'll receive a 3 year warranty and support included in our prices.

How much data do you need to back up? - This should narrow down your search significantly
Have you considered entering "the cloud"? - A physical backup machine won’t be of much use in the event of a fire. With the cloud, however, all you need is an internet connection and you can access your data worldwide. Be wary though, costs will accelerate if you have over 100GB of data.

Why Flexi-Lease