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Working With the Best in Storage Computing​Lease your PC storage for an affordable solution to vital backing- up. 

Data loss is incredibly bad for business, particularly if you do not back up. It has been said time and again that backing up your data is vital and if you have ever been subject to data loss you will understand why. Some businesses cannot recover from a large loss of data, do not let that be your company. HardSoft are able to offer back-up and PC storage solutions on a Lease basis from reputable brands such as Lacie, Drobo and Promise at affordable prices. 

There is an extensive range of back-up available, but the three questions below should help you decide what version is best for your business:

1. How much data do you need to back up? -This should narrow down your search significantly.

2. Do you have a network of machines or a single PC or Mac? - If it's the former then you will need a NAS backup. If it's the latter then a standard desktop backup, such as an Apple Time Capsule or external USB, should do the trick and these tend not to be that pricey.

3. Have you considered entering "the cloud"? - A physical backup machine won’t be of much use in the event of a fire. With the cloud, however, all you need is an internet connection and you can access your data worldwide. This storage solution is perfect to completely protect all your data. Be wary though, costs will accelerate if you have over 100GB of data.

If you would like to discuss the following deals further or make your own bespoke quote from across our range of products, then contact our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643. As a reseller for multiple manufacturers, we can offer impartial and up to date advice on all devices. Your dedicated sales manager will stay in charge of your account throughout your lease to ensure your always receive the best advice. 

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technical team HardSoft have been trading for over 30  years. We have packaged our flexi- lease to encompass all of your business needs. Leasing is not only usually at a better rate than a bank loan but it is also tax deducible and makes great business sense. We offer the same great deals to new and established companies so you do not need to worry if you are just starting up. With transparent prices and no hefty arrangement fees, leasing is so much more than just fantastic IT at affordable prices.

All of the HardSoft flexi- lease options come with 3 years extended warranty. If you have a faulty device, we will collect it, repair it and return it in a timely manner. All with no excess and parts included. You will also receive 3 years telephone technical support. The HardSoft technical team are trained to a very high standard and as we always work with businesses, understand the importance of getting you up and running. Customer service is our main priority and this is reflected in our Feefo Gold standard. 

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