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HardSoft was established over 25 years ago and are the only 'one stop' solution for the supply and fitting of Apple Macs and PC's to businesses throughout the UK and Europe . We are uniquely both an experienced IT Reseller (Apple Approved Reseller/HP Preferred) and licensed Credit Brokers. A tailored solution is only a call away.

Advantages to HardSoft ‘one-stop’ computer Leasing over "others"...

Leasing acts as the most viable alternative to the purchasing of IT.. It allows for effective budgeting and avoids affecting bank credit lines; freeing up some finance to input into other areas of your business. HardSoft, however, are able to offer this plus more. Allow us to fill in the gaps about why we tick the above boxes.

If you are currently experiencing some financial difficulty then we should be able to help. Normally if your business has had a bad year or you have had a county court judgement then financing is automatically off-limits to you. At HardSoft, we aim to cater for those in difficult credit situations and simply ask for some bank statements to prove that you are capable of making the lease payments over a maximum of 3 years.

HardSoft are active supporters of new businesses, yet we appreciate it is often difficult to be accepted into a lease agreement with little financial history. However, as long as you are able to provide us with bank statements that put forward a strong case of affordability it is likely that your business will be accepted. What’s more, we are able to offer you a maximum of £20,000 credit – much more than other leasing competitors!

HardSoft are unique in the sense that they offer renewal solutions on Apple Macs after just 24 months and PC systems after 18 months. It's a similar concept to a mobile phone contracts. Or you can return the equipment without a We live in an age where new models and updates are released daily. A lease with HardSoft means your business never becomes old-fashioned! We are upfront about any admin fees at the beginning of a lease and any at the end. There are no grey areas when leasing at HardSoft. It’s worth noting that your computers can be purchased at the end of a 3 year lease from as little as £1 plus VAT

Software is available to lease on its own. We are able to offer you a variety of products including Autodesk, Microsoft, Sophos Security and Adobe Creative Suite. Upgrade versions are available for financing as well as Microsoft Open Licensing for corporates.

Are there are any other perks that HardSoft have to offer? All equipment leased comes with a 3 year warranty i.e. the entirety of the lease agreement. Therefore if something goes wrong that isn’t a fault of your own, we will sort it for you. All leases also come with unlimited telephone support where you can speak to one of our Apple Certified technicians. Our own Trained engineers are also available to visit you on site if necessary. We are licenced by the Government as licensed Credit Brokers and are appointed stockist for such manufacturers as HP and Apple…oh and there always a monthly Offer to help.

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advantages to hardsoft 'one-stop'
computer leasing over "others"...

Hardsoft Flexi-Lease
PC World
PC World Smartplan
Do you offer leasing to difficult credit situations? Tick Cross
What is the comparative cost per month on 13" MacBook Pro on a 3 year lease?** £38.13 £51.30
Can I buy the equipment at the end of the lease? Tick Cross
Can I just return a Mac after 24 Months without penalty? Tick Cross
Can I include other items such as cameras or Displays? Tick Tick
Can I just lease software? Yes - Except new companies Cross
Do you consider Start Up companies? Yes- Max £20,000 of credit Yes - Mac £3,000 of credit
What is the standard warranty? 3 Years 1 Year
What is the normal admin fee? £50 £99
Can I renew into a new lease before the lease ends? Tick Cross
What is the normal lease length? 3 Years 4 Years

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. Our knowledgeable sales team can offer you the right IT solution on a lease option built around your budget.
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