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HardSoft has been established for over 25 years. We are proud to say that we are computer AND finance specialist making us the only ONE STOP SHOP for your IT and leasing needs.

Supplying and installing your Apple Macs and PC’s throughout the UK and Europe, we are resellers and partners for Apple, HP, Lenovo and many many more. Our credit broker status also means that we can tailor a lease flexible enough to suit all of your needs.

There are so many advantages to leasing with HardSoft...

Hold on to your cash! Lease your Apple Mac’s… pricey equipment can set your company thousands, expansions and upgrades can absorb your companies essential cash flow. As IT updates at such great speed, our upgrade options will also allow you to change your technology when you want.

Having financial difficulties? We are able to assist companies with CCJ’s or those that have had a bad year. HardSoft can offer solutions tailor made to all businesses.

New business? We have been helping start up businesses to lease for 25 years. It is often hard to get finance with limited records but we have been very successful in helping businesses to grow with credit of up to £20,000- you will be hard pressed to find that elsewhere!

Renewal/ Upgrade, no problem! If you are leasing an Apple Mac from HardSoft you will be able renew after just 24 months, or 18 for PC’s. It is just like many mobile phone contracts- you can upgrade and take delivery of the latest tech during your contract. Refreshing your technology when you need to takes the worry out of committing to a contract and your technology never need be outdated.

We are completely transparent and you will be informed of all admin fees at the beginning and end of your lease, should they apply. Your computers can also be purchased from as little as £1 at the end of your 3yr lease should you wish to keep your equipment.

Just want the Software not the Hardware? You can just take out a Software lease if that is what you need… We can supply Autodesk, Microsoft, AVG, Sophos Security and Adobe Creative Suite. Microsoft Open License for corporates and other upgrade options are also available.

Advantages of leasing from HardSoft! All of our lease agreements come with an inclusive 3yr warranty this means that we will be on hand to assist with all of your support needs throughout the term of your lease. Our unlimited telephone support give you access to our highly trained Apple Certified technicians for all of your needs.

>Check out our monthly offer... If we haven't convinced you yet, check out our monthly deals!

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Hardsoft Flexi-Lease
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PC World Smartplan
Do you offer leasing to difficult credit situations? Tick Cross
What is the comparative cost per month on 13" MacBook Pro on a 3 year lease?** £38.13 £51.30
Can I buy the equipment at the end of the lease? Tick Cross
Can I just return a Mac after 24 Months without penalty? Tick Cross
Can I include other items such as cameras or Displays? Tick Tick
Can I just lease software? Yes - Except new companies Cross
Do you consider Start Up companies? Yes- Max £20,000 of credit Yes - Mac £3,000 of credit
What is the standard warranty? 3 Years 1 Year
What is the normal admin fee? £50 £99
Can I renew into a new lease before the lease ends? Tick Cross
What is the normal lease length? 3 Years 4 Years

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. Our knowledgeable sales team can offer you the right IT solution on a lease option built around your budget.
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