Introducing The 'Pure-Rental' Leasing Discount

Rental Lease

Get a sizeable discount when you choose to Return your Mac or iPad Pro at the end of the lease.

For many years HardSoft has always included the option to own your kit at the end of a business lease for a very low nominal figure. Most customers take up this option then choose to keep the Mac or even sell it.

As an alternative we now offer a 'Pure-Rental', customers can now at the point of ordering get a BIG discount on the lease price by waiving the right to own at the end of the lease.HardSoft will collect the kit at the end of the lease. Effectively it’s purely a ‘rental’. We will offer you the option to own it but it would be at the Market Value.

The ability to Renew into a new Lease after 2 years or Cancel is also not available on a 'Pure-Rental'. The BIG discount differs between different specs of Macs but ranges between 15-25%. Essentially we calculate how much we believe your Mac will be worth in three years and take that value off the monthly rental.

Who is eligible for a lease discount?

The discount is available on all Macs but excludes software and accessories. A 'Pure-Rental' is open to limited Companies as well as sole traders and the self-employed who have a good credit status and have been established for more than 2 years.(Flexi-Lease is available to newer start-ups)

How much does it cost?

Prices exclude VAT, subject to status, payments are quoted weekly but can be paid monthly or quarterly, rental calculations as per Sept 2015 and are subject to variation)

Flexi-Lease Pure-Rental Saving
13" MacBook Air £8.35 £7.25 14%
15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar £20.35 £16.30 20%
21" iMac 4K £12.95 £11.05 15%
27" iMac 5K retina with i7 £21.80 £18.60 15%
iPad Pro 12.9" £6.90 £5.54 21%

Our traditional lease offer also has the option to RENEW or RETURN after 2 years into the three year contract. This is not possible on our Pure-Rental. If you want to own the Mac at the end of the 3 years and want some dynamics flexibility to RENEW, we offer the three year 'Flexi-Lease'. This has flexibility to cancel the lease and return the Mac after 2 years and you would own the Mac at the end of the lease for just a £1 fee. ‘Flex-Lease’ is available to new businesses as well.

Easy paperwork fast delivery

Cheaper than a normal lease

A ‘Rental-Lease’ on a brand new Mac over a long term is similar to Contract Hire or PCP on a new car. Often called an Operating Lease; our Pure-Rental has no right of ownership at the end of the three year contract and we make our money by selling the Mac at the end of this pure rental on the open market. Your business benefits by rentals that are the equivalent of being cheaper than a normal lease that includes the option to own at a nominal figure.

'Flexi-Lease' or 'Pure-Rental’ makes perfect sense in today’s business world so feel free to chat with us at the bottom right or give us a call and let us explain more.

Why Flexi-Lease