Insuring your new computer is much cheaper than you think with HardSoft.

Business users leasing a computer from HardSoft must have adequate insurance in place to cover the theft, loss or accidental damage of your new kit.

Just like a car, you need appropriate cover in place. If your new MacBook were stolen, you would still be liable for future lease payments. We therefore will ask you to send us (by email) a copy of your Policy that will adequately cover your new computers. All Apple iPads from HardSoft include insurance within the cost.

Competitive cover is available with your lease. Comprehensive cover is available at extra cost within your lease.

Example pricing (prices per annum, excluding VAT)

iMac Pro 27" 8-core, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD £95
Surface Book 2- 15" – 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD £125
Dell XPS 13 Laptop –i7 £90
MacBook Air 13" – 1.8GHz, 128GB SSD £90
MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar – i7-2.9GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD £120

This covers accidental loss, theft and accidental damage. Cover allows 30 days worldwide cover annually. There is a £100 excess to pay with each claim.

From our enquiries, online insurers including Protect Your Bubble, Switched On Insurance and Endsleigh are more expensive, and the cover very poor. In some cases, insurers do not now cover high value MacBook’s, Surface Books and the new iMac Pro.

You can choose to add this at any time thoughout the lease contract of your computers. If you do not provide details of your own policy covering the equipment then cover will be added to your lease direct debit. This protects us all against any immediate loss and the knock on consequences. You can cancel this at any time though by providing details of your cover to us.

A ‘No Quibble’ warranty is included within your business lease. Our inclusive warranty includes our brilliant collect, repair, return system which does not have any hidden excesses and we will even let you utilise one of our loan machines to keep you up and running.

HardSoft insurance

Our insurance covers all these...

liquid spill

Liquid Spill

smashed laptop

Accidental Damage


Theft or Loss

Making an Insurance Claim

In the first instance please call us on 0207 1111 643 or email We will check your policy is valid and within a few hours we will arrange the simple claim form to be completed or in many circumstances the claim can be completed over the phone. Replacement kit is usually a few days and a repair such as a laptop display is generally 5-7 days.

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