Hardsoft Flexi-Lease Explained

CHANGE, CONTINUE, CANCEL – the Benefits of our Flexi-Lease Solution

HardSoft Computers has been trading since 1984 and we offer several subscription solutions to suit your needs.

Flexi-Lease is just one of several solutions. We can guarantee that one of our solutions is perfect for your business. If you are thinking about purchasing new IT to update or expand your company why not lease? You will keep hold of your cash, be able to budget effectively and it is tax-deductible!

The HardSoft Flexi-Lease has numerous advantages- It includes 3 years FREE warranty; in which we will collect, repair and return all faulty machines no excess and parts inclusive. 3 years FREE telephone technical support. Our highly trained technicians are on hand to deal with all of your IT support needs; utilising a sophisticated ticketing system which lets you follow your query every step of the way.

CHANGE your lease. This means getting the latest device of your choice, whilst keeping your payments comparable. Similar to a mobile phone upgrade, you can choose whether to keep your old computer or send it back for a generous discount.

CONTINUE the equipment and continue paying the lease to the end of the three-year agreement, allowing you to take ownership at term for just £1.

CANCEL the equipment and we will cancel all of the remaining payments.