Flexible IT Leasing with FLEXI-LEASE

How Flexible is Leasing? CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL.

You’re two years into your HardSoft Lease. What are your options now?

CHANGE just like a mobile phone contract, you could cease your lease and roll into a new one to get access to brand new equipment. Choose whether to keep the existing computer or use its value in part exchange on the new contract. Choose Mac or PC, notebook or desktop. The choice is yours.

You could alternatively CANCEL & return the equipment to us at HardSoft, the agreement is then settled. A small £75 fee for collecting and reprocessing your computer is charged, but all remaining payments are then cancelled.

Finally, you could choose to CONTINUE & stay on track for the remaining 12 months. At the end of the lease, own the equipment for a nominal cost which, in most cases, just £1! We will write to you via post and email as the two years mark approaches to remind you of these options.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. We’re happy to talk through the options and your choice of new equipment any time prior to the two-year anniversary.

The CHANGE Option – In Action

A Creative Agency had an outdated Apple MacBook & were paying £38 per month on their lease, after 2 years, we CHANGED their equipment and got them the latest MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Faster, thinner and lighter. Their new MacBook Pro was just £1 a month more and they were even able to keep their current equipment!

A Graphic Design business in Shoreditch recently added more equipment & reduced their monthly payments! CHANGE let them keep their 2x Apple iMac Pros & acquire 2x brand new 27″ 5K Retina iMacs while reducing their monthly lease by £59 per month.

A legal firm CHANGED and upgraded their whole IT system. Originally we supplied them a network of 10 PC’s with a dedicated HP Proliant Windows SBS 2011 Server. They changed to faster equipment and cloud storage via Microsoft Office 365. The original lease was £203 per month, after the changes we were able to reduce their monthly payment to just £195 per month.

B2B Computer Flexi Leasing Explained!

Our Flexi-Lease allows you to CHANGE your equipment after 24 months, a unique option giving you the very latest equipment for the same monthly cost, much the same as upgrading your mobile. However, at the end of the lease, you can purchase equipment for just £1, guaranteed.

Our Competitors do not do this, they only offer a purchase option at the end for fair market value. A sum not agreed upon upfront which can be surprisingly expensive.

We lease to start-ups and offer competitive discounts for larger orders. Our three-year warranty includes free loan equipment and free cover for accidents. Having been trading for over 25 years, we are fully Apple authorised and HP preferred partners. We can help and advise you by phone, web chat or email, or use our easy online ordering and receive equipment in just 48 hours.

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