Apple Mac- Renting to Own

Looking for a new Mac? Deciding on which machine will accompany you for the future is a tough choice. HardSoft can be on hand to make sure you make the right decision and also offer you the flexibility to Change, Continue, or Cancel at the term of the lease. Think of your business flexi-lease as you do your mobile phone contract, giving you multiple options...

Renting to own

Change- With technology updating at such a rapid pace, you may find that your device is outdated in the three short years that you have leased it. If that is the case, then you can return it. This is the equivalent of a 3year hire or rental agreement. Saving you money whilst benefitting from the HardSoft extras included in your lease.

Continue - whatever lease you have decided upon, you can always change your mind. The Flexi-lease is just that, once you have reached the halfway point of your lease, you can change at any time! If your company is expanding rapidly you can add to your lease with the latest equipment.

Cancel - You may find, especially with Apple products that 3 years together has just not been enough! Even with a newer fancier version available, you may prefer to stick with your reliable favourite. If you would like to take ownership of your trusty Mac then you can. You can purchase your device for just £1! This is also known as the rent to own scheme, allowing you to keep hold of your cash and again benefit from the multiple extras available with a HardSoft lease.

3 years warranty

When you take out a lease with HardSoft you are entitled 3 years FREE Warranty and we even offer a loan Mac to those who have to have repairs on their machines negating the time that you are out of action. Proud to be an Apple Authorised Reseller, all equipment we supply is brand new. There are no up front costs included in our leases, we offer Free next day delivery and telephone technical support for all of our lease customers.

Pure- Rental
If you are looking for an even cheaper option to the Flexi- lease we are able to offer you the PURE RENTAL. This alternative to our Flexi- lease provides you with the opportunity to lease the latest equipment with our inclusive warranty and loan machines available. If you know that you will want the machine for the full three years and are happy to return it at the term of the lease then this could be for you. You will not have the opportunity to upgrade after two years or take out this lease as a start up company.

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