Apple Mac- Renting to Own

The process of choosing which Mac is going to become your best friend for the next few years can be a heavy burden to bear. Apple has a sales cycle for every product and people are paid good money to predict what’s coming next and when. With HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease we can help you take away the guesswork and make sure you choose the right Mac.

With our business Flexi-Lease, your options are open and you can ‘Return, Retain or Renew’ your Apple Mac giving you the ultimate flexibility and the optimum return on your investment. Leasing a computer is just like a Mobile phone contract ….

Renting to own

RETURN – you get the latest iMac Retina or MacBook Pro and three years later you need the latest version again and have no use for the old one. Just return the original and …. well, that’s it, you get a new one. This option is basically Mac renting, or Mac Hiring for a fixed term. We hope you return for your next product.

RETAIN – If, in the example above you have reached the end of the lease and your MacBook Pro is still quite sprightly and powerful enough for what you need , then the RETAIN option allows you to purchase it for £1. It’s yours, do with it as you wish. This is a Mac rent to own scheme – you rent to own a Mac without having to outlay the cost up front.

RENEW – Whether Mac renting or renting to own a Mac, circumstances may change during the course of the rental period. Those clever decisions, like choosing Flexi-Leasing from HardSoft, are starting to pay off, and your business is expanding. Well, if you are half way through your rental period, you can renew at any time, keep the original equipment and get the latest versions for new staff.

HardSoft offer a full three years warranty and on some Macs we offer a loan Mac should yours need to go away for repair. We are Apple Authorised and all equipment is brand new.

3 years warranty

Whatever the IT solution, HardSoft can give you easy, next day delivery with no up-front costs. You only pay for it as you use it and if your circumstances change, then rest assured, we’ve tried to cover every angle so that you can relax and spend your time running your business. Nobody else can offer you that flexibility….this is why we call it our Flexi-Lease.

But what if you just need a couple of MacBook’s for a short term; as short as a weekend or as long as ten weeks? Mac Hiring from HardSoft covers you for those short term campaigns or one-off needs that can occur from time to time. This is true Apple Mac Hiring, but we always like to put a HardSoft twist on it. So if you hire it and then decide you can't live without it – we will reduce the purchase cost by up to 50% of the total Hire payments made.

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