Corporate Lease

HardSoft is a company built and run by IT experts who have been trading for over 20 years. We specialise in IT leasing for businesses and individuals, and our options include, but are not limited to, PCs, Apple products, Networks, software and anything else that can live up to your business' IT needs.

We are spread over eight different locations, and are pleased to be an authorised HP preferred partner as well as an Apple Authorised reseller. Our team members are well trained and versed on all things Apple, HP and Microsoft, as we are also a Microsoft Business Specialist. Our expertise in all things IT extend to our leasing capabilities, and as we have been doing this for two decades already, we are able to tailor a leasing agreement especially for you which includes all of your needs and wants as well as offering different payment terms that will suit your finance department as well as your IT team.

Our main conviction is to enable the best businesses to be able to work with the best IT equipment without putting a strain on cash flow and ensuring no capital outlay. Your IT team and your finance team will find that they have just had their jobs made that little bit easier for them, and you’ll surely benefit from the new equipment as well!

HardSoft does not sell Computers, HardSoft does not Lease Cars or Furniture. ...What we only do is Lease your IT... we can offer you a more flexible and open approach - at a great price. Call 0207 111 1643


3 years warranty

Our leasing packages do not stop with the provision or installation of equipment, depending on your needs our package and our team can actually be there for you throughout your experience with us, and we hope it will be a long one. All equipment leased from HardSoft comes with a full three year support package which comprises a guaranteed one hour call back on the help desk as well as next day on site visiting for all hardware issues. This is all free in the price of your lease, and ensures that your leasing experience with HardSoft goes without a hiccup.

Our leasing offering together with our support package begs the question, why would you keep old IT equipment going and spend countless amounts of support of that old equipment when you can get consistently up to date equipment from HardSoft together with consistent support that is guaranteed not to break the bank, and will in fact work out cheaper in the long run than buying new equipment outright. Get rid of your taped up IT kit now and change for something new and functional on a lease with HardSoft; you’ll never have to worry about being out of date again.


Corporate Lease

We are not just IT experts, we are also finance experts, and with that expertise we know how to ensure that you leasing deal with us will not only give you flexibility in your cash flow, but it will also save you money in the long run. Our prices are extremely reasonable as it is and are available at a weekly or a monthly rate, while larger orders will also gain discounts and better value for money.

If your business requires large volumes of equipment, you are looking at the right supplier. Orders of more than fifty units will be available with large discounts, making the upgrade of your equipment even more valuable, and giving you peace of mind that a complete overhaul or building of an IT department won't break the bank.

Not only can we offer large orders with large discounts, but we can also guarantee to fulfil orders very quickly, even with personalised pre-configuration of machines. According to your business needs, we will pre-configure your units to make it easier for your IT team to install the technology once it arrives in your business, you’ll be blown away with the speed, quality, and best of the entire price that you’ll gain from filling a big order with HardSoft.

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