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See your IT hardware and support as a simple monthly subscription service

HardSoft has been trading for more than 30 years. We specialise in leasing for business, supplying options including Apple Macs, PC’s, Networks, Software, Telephone systems, as well as your other IT needs.

We are Partners and official suppliers of Apple, HP, Lenovo and many more, and with offices located in the UK and Europe, we can supply all of your IT Hardware and Software.

Uniquely, we are also an accredited financer. Because we both finance and supply your IT in a classic Technology as a Service (TaaS) way we are able to tailor a package to suit your requirements, from which equipment you lease to how you would like to structure repayments. With many options available, we will ensure that your agreement works for your IT department and finance team. You have no capital to outlay, so you can retail your businesses available funds and update your IT at the same time. For more information give us a call on 0207 111 1643.


See HardSoft as your outsourced IT Department that supplies, supports and maintains the kit on a simple flexible subscription. You may also see this described as TaaS, IT as a Service (ITaaS), Device as a Service (DaaS), or even Anything/Everything as a Service (XaaS).

fully managed service Fully Managed Service

HardSoft’s fully managed service offers all the elements you would expect from a comprehensive in-house IT department, but managed remotely and with the added value of 24/7 support and proactive monitoring.

outsourcing service IT Outsourcing Service

The IT outsourcing service from HardSoft provides dedicated, on-site technical experts to manager your existing team, as well as offering tailored services such as proactive Watchpoints.

Asset Register Asset Register

As Authorised Apple Resellers we can register Macs and iPads with Apple, which will help you with asset management. Apple's Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) is a fast and efficient way to deploy Macs and iPads and other iOS devices which your business has leased.

Device Management Device Management

Using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile allows centralised control and deployment of software. You can configure access to corporate services, account settings, and even which apps can be used, and it’s all done remotely without the need for your IT team to set up each one.

Cloud Solutions Cloud Solutions

No need to hard drive back up or worry about loss of data, placing your data on our ‘LiveDrive’ keeps it safe. Data loss can seriously disrupt your business, so using our cloud solutions (backing up data to a remote site via the internet) which offers 5TB of storage as standard will safeguard you data, as well as your business.

Software Audit Software Audit

We hold records of which software customers have and keep note of serial numbers etc. This enables you to easily track any information you need, you just need to give us a call and we’ll locate it for you.

Asset Tagging Asset Tagging

Apple will tag your IT assets free of charge, etching directly into computer. Asset tagging is critical to identifying, tracking and controlling your IT equipment in order to help you know where those assets are and to help prevent theft.

disk imaging Disk Imaging

We can supply a master hard drive which will have the basic template for all software you want on your network. Your IT team can then load the master to all of the devices saving you lots of time.


Get the Support and Service you need for your business

Leasing from HardSoft offers you much more than simply supplying and installing your technology. Our telephone technical support is available throughout the duration of your lease, which is invaluable to SMEs with limited or no IT departments. Our technical team are able to access your computers remotely to get your issue resolved ASAP.

The Flexi-lease combined with our specialist IT support package means that when you upgrade your lease/ IT you once again qualify for IT support. So many of our returning customers credit our fantastic support and package offer in our ‘one stop shop’ as the reason they keep coming back to us. This mode of supplying a leasing package saves your company money in the long run and keeps your technology up to date.

All of the orders we receive are fulfilled and delivered quickly, regardless of whether they are large orders or where machines

Device Lifecycle Service

tailor made

Tailor Made

Our expert sales team will give you advice on technology and financing then create a solution that fits the needs of your business and your users.

the extra mile

The Extra Mile

We offer services such as modifying factory settings to tailor to your business needs, installing images and applications, as well as labelling and tagging devices.

Getting You Started

HardSoft manages your order from the warehouse through the logistics stage and all the way to setup and installation. You will have your own Account Manager.

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flexi-lease with us

The HardSoft Flexi-Lease

Our unique package offers 3 Years helpdesk support and warranty with ownership of your device for just £1 at the lease term and renewal and upgrade options.



With our team of highly-skilled engineers in the office and on the road, we are on hand to maintain and support your technology when you need us.


change kit, add kit, remove kit, its all possible and we just amend your monthly rentals to suit.

Why Flexi-Lease
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