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Lately our blogs have had a bit of a virus focus. With Crypto virus rearing its ugly head- so many of our customers are suffering We want to help you to protect yourselves against malware. Virus’ are spending and updating so quickly, it is imperative that you keep on top of your protection. Because of this, Hiscox UK are now offering Cyber and data risks insurance, we are interested, are you??

Larger companies with dedicated IT staff and firewalls are much more difficult to target than smaller companies. Hackers are no longer sitting in a dark room tapping away for each hack, they write programmes that can run at the touch of a button. As smaller companies are the ideal target,Hiscox insurance company logo it is so important that you are covered.

What is Cyber and data risks insurance? This is a specialised insurance aimed at small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) offering support and resolutions to malware problems. If you are the target of a virus or data breech, Hiscox are able to come in and help you to control the fallout.

Who would need it? If you fall in to the following categories, Cyber and data risks insurance could benefit you.

  • Computers are used in the day to day running of your company
  • If your business has it’s own website
  • Your company stores and handles sensitive cline data such as address’ and telephone numbers
  • Payments are made to your business via the internet.

assured providerIf your company is hacked or subject to a virus you could be in danger of data loss, data being stolen for malicious reasons, computers out of action, spreading the virus to your clients and taking your website out of action. All of this will impact your business costing you legally, regulatory, and damaging your reputation.

How Hiscox could help… Should the worst occur, this is how Hiscox can be on hand to help you.

  • Hiscox will assist with financial compensation for any lost business and business interruption.
  • Breach costs, offering support in the event of a data breach including forensic investigations, legal advice, notifying your customers and any regulators that you are affiliated with. They will also be available to credit monitor all affected clients and customers.
  • Dealing with Ransomware costs. Specialist risk managers will be employed to negotiate and cover the cost of the ransom.
  • Repair costs. For all servers, data and programs affected by hackers.
  • A team of experts will be on hand to help you fight the virus and recover lost data. Technicians who are highly trained to combat the virus.virus_detected image
  • Exclusive access to a worldwide legal team.
  • Hiscox eRiskHub Unlimited access to all sorts of resources and tools to keep your protection up to date, understand what your exposure is and have a response plan ready.
  • 24/7 Crisis containment available. Protect your reputation! The accountant online has recently reported that 83% of consumers are concerned about who has hold of their data and that (53%) say they would be “discouraged” to use a business again if a breach came to light. Having this speciality insurance will only serve to reinforce your reputation. Mistakes are easily made! If you are subject to an attack, Hiscox has the PR to contain and ensure your clients still have confidence in you. They can handle all of the public relations, whilst you continue to run your business.

Many SME’s are aware of the threat of cyber attacks, but do not do enough to cover against them. Sadly, even if your company is fully covered and up to date with their anti- virus protection, they can still be targeted. With virus’ developing and changing so quickly, your protection may not have anticipated the next development.

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One of the key benefits of leasing, is the continued support offered to our customers. This month you can Cloud Backup has been included in to our freebies. Data stored in the cloud is safer than data stored on a server.  For more information on Ransomware, check out our latest blog.  Our highly trained technical staff are available for help and support on 0207 111 1643 or For a quote to lease a Mac or any Apple leasing, contact our helpful sales team HERE.


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