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Why is your Mac running slow and what can you do about it?

Does your Apple Mac seem to be running slow?  They can run slowly for no apparent reason but there is usually some cause as to why your Mac is running below par, so if you think your Mac would lose against a blindfolded snail in a race to launch an app, then read on for our tips on how to tackle the most commons speed issues.

Software Update Loading

It doesn’t really make any difference whether you have a brand spanking new Mac which updates via the App Store, or an older version which goes via Software Update, either way it can cause your Mac to slow down temporarily whilst it launches in the background. You’ll know this is happening because after a minute or so, a Software Update notification will pop read more


Hiscox Cyber and Data risks Insurance

Lately our blogs have had a bit of a virus focus. With Crypto virus rearing its ugly head- so many of our customers are suffering We want to help you to protect yourselves against malware. Virus’ are spending and updating so quickly, it is imperative that you keep on top of your protection. Because of this, Hiscox UK are now offering Cyber and data risks insurance, we are interested, are you??

Larger companies with dedicated IT staff and firewalls are much more difficult to target than smaller companies. Hackers are no longer sitting in a dark room tapping away for each hack, they write programmes that can run at the touch of a button. As smaller companies are the ideal target,Hiscox insurance company logo it is so important that you are covered. read more


The most useful AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

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Of course, there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for AutoCAD software, but the graphic above should help you get to grips with the basics. Pretty soon, you’ll be working more efficiently than ever!

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Fancy a Freebie with your new PC ?

Fancy a freebie?? Of course you do! This month, as we have been focusing on the troubles our customers are having with malware, we are introducing a new AVG anti-virus protection to our freebies. Join HardSoft and experience our  ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing.  We offer a complete package service, revolutionising IT leasing. We supply devices, finance them and provide warranty for all of our products. This means that the customer only has to contact HardSoft to purchase, repair, for technical support and replacement. read more