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Did you see the article circulating on FaceBook last week about the retiring office dog in Japan? I thought that it was just HardSoft but no, it is an actual thing doggoneit!!

Office dog HardSoft

Polo sending out quotes

Hot diggity dog, I cannot hide my excitement. It is not that I wanted a job at HardSoft just for the office dog, mutt it might be fair to say my heart sang when I found out he existed. Scout is the faithful office dog here at HardSoft in Hertfordshire. He is a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle cross) and completely lovely. He works in the office 5 days a week, at the weekend he likes to relax with long walks and sleeping in the sunshine. All of our employees enjoy having an office dog and embrace taking care of him. Which is lucky, or they would be in the doghouse…

Scout is the silent hero in the office. You may not deal with him or see him, but he is in the background helping our employees feel good. If you are frustrated or down, spending a little time out with Scout can do wonders, he is such a cheery chap. We also often have Polo and Baxter visiting to play with their mate. Of course it is fair to say we are dog lovers, we were rooting for Pudsey to win Britan’s Got Talent and rejoiced that a dog could win a national talent contest.

Mutts in distress HardSoft

We are pleased to say we are also supporters of our local Dog shelter, Mutts in Distress. Our trusty salesman Michael has very close links to the charity as his mother Cathy is a helpful volunteer. Taking in distressed dogs, rescuing mistreated hounds across Europe and re homing them is the main aim of the charity. They are always in need of volunteers, foster families and supplies if you are local and wish to help. They often run special appeals to rescue dogs which have been spotted abroad and desperately need rescuing. You can find out more information or share their efforts on their dedicated Facebook page.

We would love to see your office dogs!! As a gesture to help this fantastic cause, we will donate £10 for each office dog picture posted to our Facebook or Twitter Page. 

Roll on June and take your dog to work day… watch this space! I am afraid Scout, Polo or Baxter are not available for installations, technical support or training you are barking up the wrong tree. For all of your leasing needs, call us on 0207 111 1643. We can supply a no strings quote and dogspatch your devices the next day!

Office Dogs HardSoft

After a long week, Scout and Baxter are feeling a little RUFF


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