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Another month nearer Christmas and nearer another year. So lets’ get a quick update on all things new as we are all busy… 

Renew your lease-  I can provide a full schedule of your leases in an Excel format  listing payments, dates, ref nos. etc and which ones could be renewed;  so you can plan your IT needs for  2017.  Remember with a Flexi-Lease you can renew and get the latest kit at 24 months, watch our amusing video to remind you here.

*Mac Users*

New Mac Price List – as expected Apple prices increased last month. Have a look at the new pricing that basically shows a 20% increase. However as a result of this your old Mac is now worth MORE.  So call me and get a trade- in price on your old Mac.

Duet Display – Need a second screen on your Mac. Consider this simple App that lets you use an iPad as a second screen. You will need a cable.

Apple MacBook Pro with TouchBar Delivery update–  the release of the new Apple Macbook Pro has been an amazing success.  We have over 100 on order since it release.  If you are in the queue don’t fear,  we are starting to ship. We’ll be in touch soon to confirm when you can get your new machine.

Top Mac tip for the month…. Our Tech guys are loving a new free Anti-Virus for the Mac from Avast. Download it from https://www.avast.com/en-gb/free-mac-security

*Windows Users*

Protect your PC’s from Ransomware  – this is a business threatening event. Finally we now have a tested solution to go alongside your Anti-Virus which is called Sophos Intercept-X. This will prevent , block and clean any Ransomware or Malware-  without this your business could be down for several days. It’s available at £4 per month plus VAT for a three year license.  This is as important now as data backup and an Anti-Virus solution.

Surface Book ‘Performance’  laptop and the revolutionary Surface Studio desktop were launched last month but there is no sign of these appearing in the UK until the New Year. If you want us to keep you updated on these let us know as expecting a wait-list on these.

Seventh Gen Intel products– Led by Dell we now are seeing the next gen of PC’s featuring this faster processor and a big drop in pricing on SSD’s.

Gaming computers– we now offer MSI, Asus and Alienware.

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