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Buying new equipment is a big investment, so leasing is a great alternative to many companies, both big and small. There are lots of benefits to leasing over buying – you may be trying to conserve capital or just perhaps you prefer the flexibility that leasing offers.

Let’s take a look at why companies lease and how you too could benefit.

To control cash flow

Spreading the cost of new technology creates instant cash flow benefits. You know exactly how much you’re paying out each month, as the repayment amounts are a fixed. This allows you to keep money in the bank for when you need it most.

For measurable return on investment

As we’ve just mentioned, the equipment is paid for at regular intervals, allowing you to easily demonstrate return on investment to your company’s shareholders and directors.

To benefit from the inclusive support and warranty

If you buy a brand new laptop, tablet or phone and have a problem with it, getting help isn’t always easy. Support phone lines are often expensive to use, and you might have to wait in a queue. At HardSoft, support is included in your lease for three years from the date of delivery.

Simply give us a call on 0207 1111 643 during business hours. If you wish to contact us outside of business hours, fill in our enquiry form and a technician will get back to you as soon as possible.

Buy a brand new Mac from Apple and you’ll only get a one-year warranty. Lease with HardSoft, however, and we’ll give you a three-year support warranty plus accidental damage cover – perfect for accident-prone employees. If we need to take away your tablet or computer away for repair, we’ll provide you with a loan unit to tide you over.

Leasing is tax-efficient

Lease finance payments are 100 per cent tax deductible, meaning you can reduce your overall tax bill. For more information on these tax breaks, check out our blog, which goes into a lot more detail.

Costs aren’t affected by changes to the economy

Brexit has already had a big impact on the economy, with the pound suffering a huge drop in value. This has caused some companies to push up the price of its products, Apple included. Leasing, however, is not so dramatically affected by these price climbs. Plus, with uncertainty set to continue for quite some time, it is safer to lease than to buy, as you don’t know what costs are around the corner.

To keep technology up to date

Technology changes all the time – every year there’s a new iPhone or iMac on the market, boasting updates features your company could really benefit from. There aren’t many companies that can afford to buy new computers every year; it’s simply not practical.

Leasing gives you greater flexibility, as you can upgrade your tech whenever you need to. Alternatively, you can rent to own instead, which allows you to keep onto your old equipment.

Decide to lease rather than buy could have a huge positive impact on your business, so it’s well worth considering. For more detail on how our flexi-lease works, click here or get in touch with us today.


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