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The new range of 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro’s have surprised us! It was almost a ‘given’ that the new MacBook Pro would be USB-C and based on the 12″ MacBook we all felt it was only going to deliver us a single port, highly limiting expansion. Apple surprised us by making thinner and lighter Pro’s with 2-4 ports squeezed in! These are USB-C in the non-Apple World or Thunderbolt 3 in Apple World. We are, of course very pleased with this addition, although those with the two ports may feel a little limited to what they can do… There is a choice of expansion options and accessories already here for the Apple MacBook’s BUT it will cost you more to get fully kitted out.

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MacBook Pro with Two Ports on both sides

The obvious first choice is an external USB-C hub… In their cheapest forms they will just give an extra USB-C as well as a couple of USB 3.0. These are often in the region of about €20. The next more useful units are those which add HDMI and SD card ability.  All are available in a colour finish to match you new MacBook but you will be jumping up to nearer the €50 mark.

The ‘ultimate ‘ USB-C accessory is the OWC MacBook Dock which then is a little more robust and adds Gigabit Ethernet  and Audio. This is available to add to your lease for a new MacBook at €1.50 plus VAT per week.

Once you’ve got the ‘Ports’ sorted then you can add a few USB-C accessories, our Choices of the best USB-C accessories are…

An external power bank- The great thing about USB-C is that you don’t have to find a mains power socket to charge it. An external independent Power Bank can get you out of a situation and for most that’s all you need to carry around. There’s a few on the market but the best is the Anker PowerCore+ USB-C Portable Charger. Robust and nice design.

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The New Slimmer, lighter MacBook Pro

Storage- The new MacBooks don’t have massive internal storage (unless you want to pay big bucks) so its natural to look at an external hard drive. Seagate have the innov8 which is 8TB of external hard drive in a retro-style unit and has the single USB_C connection that is carrying data and power. Again can be added to the business lease of a new Macbook at €4.35 per week plus VAT.

External Display- Lastly there are several Displays that have appeared that fit the spec of 4K and USB-C. A USB-C display means you are also CHARGING the Mac at the same time. Apple announced a partnership with LG and have launched a 21.5″ 4K diplay and a 27″ 5K. The LG 27″ is about half the price of the original Thunderbolt Display and much better…

If you need to understand more about USB-C or leasing an Apple MacBook in Eire then contact HardSoft and we can also explain the nuances in these new Apple computers. If you want to understand more about leasing then ask … We are on hand to advise you on the best IT for you and all of our great deals!


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