Leasing is great for cash flow and has numerous benefits in terms of flexibility. Leasing for the well-established business is easily done, if accounts are filed then credit reference companies will allow our underwriters to make lease finance for start upsan instant decision and allow for us to raise the paperwork for the lease very quickly. A lot of those that offer leasing as a service struggle to operate outside of these criteria but that isn’t the case for HardSoft and we are more than happy to offer leasing to place new start business.

As a new start generally we will need to fall back on the Directors  to add strength to the application itself so if the Owner / Director of the Business is willing to offer a Guarantee then there is a solid chance we may be able to offer something. Two things relating to the Director have a major influence; firstly a Home Owner would add a great deal of strength to the application as it is a solid sign of a fixed abode and exceptionally difficult for someone to quickly disappear on the Lease company. Secondly CCJ’s (County Court Judgement) are a massive issue as they show that there is a previous history of poor payment or similar – the only way we could deal with a CCJ is if there is a full satisfaction note for it – this often is an issue issue to an established business.

start up leasing The business will also hopefully have been trading at least a couple of months so it always helps if we can be offered screen shots / scans of two to three months bank statements.  If business bank statements are not available then we are happy to look at Personal statements. This will give the underwriter a solid example of  how a the accounts runs and affordability for the lease payment without to great an issue – it is very important for the Underwriter to show they have shown due diligence when offering a lease. If there are any ‘returned’ payments on the statements then we would need to reject the application as we would feel that the present commitments are not being met. Of course a business plan or cash flow would be of a massive help with this other information.

Finally if we can’t offer the exact term you applied for on the website we will always do our best to ensure we offer something lower risk to the Lease company which still allows you to acquire the equipment. This means you may not get the lease on a 36 months option but perhaps we would offer a 2 year lease with a 3 month deposit paid up front (while monthly cost would be higher we would ensure the total paid over a reduced term was reduced for you).

If you have any questions about leasing to new starts or our leases in general please contact a sales representative on 0207 1111 643. HardSoft Computers lease a pc or mac have been established for over 25 years and are unique in that they are the ‘one stop shop’ for computer lease finance. Both an Approved stockist for manufacturers such as Apple Mac , HP, Lenovo etc and a fully accredited Credit Broker licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority talk to HardSoft about how leasing can fit in with plans for a new business venture. Leasing with HardSoft is also a little different as uniquely you can Return and Can cancel after just 2 years or you could upgrade into a new lease contract and keep the old kit as well as the new for a similar cost per month– similar to a mobile phone contract


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