The Dell UltraSharp U3011 is the new Apple iPad’s unlikely ally….. What’s this got to do with the new iPad?  Well Apple’s latest iPad (available here

new ipad available to lease

The new iPad needs a hi-res partner ?

from £4.55 a week with 3 years warranty & insurance) has a Retina display which means it has a 2046×1536 resolution. This poses a problem for anyone who wants to connect their iPad to an external source and experience , the iPad has a million more pixels than even a HD TV. This is where the Dell steps in as the only display currently on the market that will support the iPads full display; making it very popular with iPad App developers. The Dell is available now starting at £8.30+VAT per week on a HardSoft Flexi Lease.

Dell and Apple are two of the world’s biggest rivals; but both have just released products that dovetail perfectly…..The Dell UltraSharp U3011 is Dell’s new goliath display ; a direct competitor to Apple’s own 27” Thunderbolt Display (available on a HardSoft flexible lease for

Dell u3011 screen available to lease from HardSoft

Apple’s new friend..the Dell U3011

£7.50+VAT per week). The 30” size allows it to have 2560 x1600 resolution (something I will go into later) at a 16:10 aspect ratio. It also boasts Dell’s IPS (in-plane switching) technology for minimal colour deviation across the widest of viewing angles. With the ability to accept HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI-D it is very versatile, it also offers a 7 in 1 media reader and 4 USBs to make it extremely practical as well.  

This is the only screen compatible with the high screen resolution of the new iPad and will happily work with any Apple MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro.

All options can be leased on aflexible finance scheme with HardSoft that includes three years warranty and options to renew the lease and get new equipment after two years- rather like a mobile phone contract.


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