The new Henge Horizontal Docking station…Why get one ?


With Henge Docks long awaited unveil of their all new Henge Horizontal docking station, we at HardSoft felt that we should make it simpler for you to understand, what exactly is new from the older Vertical dock? (Which is still available by the way).By simply comparing both the old and new model, you will definitely know if the new dock is for you by the end of this blog.

henge dockingThe new Henge docking stations first and most obvious difference from its older model is that it’s a Horizontal docking station. This means your MacBook will sit comfortably on the dock horizontally rather than vertically like the old one. The benefits of the new docking configuration means that the new dock boasts a much greater number of ports at its rear that easily plug straight into the dock (permanently) without ever having the need to disconnect your MacBook unlike the vertical model which requires you to disconnect the cables each time. In addition both models are still similarly efficient as they can both seamlessly integrate the dock into a professional work environment whilst also keeping all cables neatly packed behind using their intelligent design.

Furthermore the new horizontal Henge docking station can effortlessly sync with your MacBook allowing you to integrate such thingshenge horizontal rear ports as audio, SD, USB 3.0 and HDMI to up to 3 displays. This is because with its incredible six usb 3.0, two thunderbolt 2 ports and two audio ports, you can connect over 4 times the amount of external devices compared to the vertical model. Therefore the new horizontal docking station can ultimately you’re your MacBook a permanent alternative to a desktop with all the functionality and features of a portable MacBook, meaning you quite truly get the best of both.

Lastly, we can see that overall the new Henge Horizontal docking station is a complete upgrade of the older Vertical model. As it clearly has a number of extra features that allows it to more so take over the position of a desktop rather than becoming a temporary desktop.

BUT- its more expensive by several fold but then leasing them for your business makes it all affordable ! The 13″ Horizontal Dock is £4.85 per week plus VAT on a 3 year Flexi-Lease and the 15″ version is £4.30 per week. Also available to our EU leasing customers at €5.80 and €5.10 plus VAT

HardSoft can bundle this all up with a decent 4K screen and Apple keyboard and mouse. To summarise, if you have to choose between the new horizontal and the older vertical design all you have to do is ask, will I need the up to 13 expansion ports compared to the older models four. I yes, what are you waiting for?… The 13-inch Horizontal Docks are now available for order and 15-inch Horizontal Docks are in stock now.

HardSoft are a certified supplier of Apple Mac products on lease with over 25 years in experience. For more information and or if you require any assistance you can contact our friendly Sales Team who are more than happy to help via


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