Cost effective, feature packed phone system in the Cloud

ringcentral phone system

From £6 per user per month inc Air Time

HardSoft have teamed up with RingCentral to put together a cloud business communications package that includes installation and 1000 call minutes per user per month together with iPhone/Android integration into the same system..

Cloud systems are undoubtedly the way forward. They are modern, helping to give your business a professional image. Online call management means one number can be used to reach anyone, anywhere. Use of just one number means it is easier for customers to get in contact. Moreover, if your business is on-the-go it doesn’t matter because calls can be streamlined to mobiles, meaning you don’t miss out on business opportunities. These few examples only skim the surface however. Let’s delve a little deeper into the advantages and fantastic features of RingCentral to give you a better idea of what it really can do for your business………………..

Utilize your very own auto-receptionist

Adding to the professional image of your business, the auto receptionist is on-hand to greet customers and direct them to employees and/or departments. You can customize the greeting, make announcements, choose to take a voicemail, or forward the call to various other numbers. If customers are put on hold, music can be played for their enjoyment. Essentially, this improves the productivity of your workforce, because the person or persons who usually deals with the phone can be getting on with other work!

inclusive call costs on cloud phones

Leasing includes 1000 minutes calls per user per month


The central feature of RingCentral worth mentioning is unification. You have one system for multiple locations and multiple employees as well as a single business identity for voice and fax. This makes everything easier to manage and prevents customers from being off-put by a complicated dialing system. To add to this, you can also choose an 0800 or 0845 number or a local number for customers to dial.

Online and mobile manageability…

…So you don’t have to be by your phone constantly to manage what’s going on! A record of all calls and faxes are kept in your online account for your reference. Numbers can also be forwarded directly to your mobile, great if you are constantly on-the-go with your business. Using the Invite feature allows you to set-up and invite people to join conferences with up to 1000 attendees and in over 30 countries, all at the click of a button. A “Ring-Me” button can also be embedded into website and email signatures so potential or current customers can call you hassle-free at the click of a button.

How does RingCentral work with mobile? There are so many advantages. Transfer your business number Caller ID to your mobile when making business calls from your mobile. Business calls taken on mobile can also be recorded or transferred to other numbers. Faxes can also be sent, forwarded and received from your mobile. This all sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! And it gets even better. Company and personal contacts can be separated as can their call logs so you can use your mobile but still keep your business and personal lives private. What’s more, the RingCentral App is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Safety and money-saving

RingCentral is also incredibly safe and comes with 24/7 support. Adopting it for your business can also save you money. International calls are cheap and as the system is paid for on a monthly basis you avoid costly outlays.


cloud phone system

You can lease a RingCentral system for your business that includes call costs on a 3 year lease. 5-User systems are available from as little as £30 plus VAT per week. This includes 5000 call minutes per system per month. A 10 -User systems coming in at £56 plus VAT per week includes 10,000 minutes of outgoing calls . For more information on how your business can utilise RingCentral, give us a call on 0207 1111 643 or email our specialist on


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