This month we are offering our customers some great promotions to accompany and further improve their orders. Regardless of which computers are requested our promotions apply and will to aim to enhance your package. We are, already, a unique company due to our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing. Many companies offer are services individually however we feel that we have revolutionized IT leasing due to the complete package we provide. We currently supply, finance and deal with insurance & warranty problems of all our products, meaning the customer only has one company to deal with for all of their issues.

For this month, we have decided to offer our customers the choice of one of the following three options with each new computer leased from us. 

MacPhoneHome Cover

MacPhoneHome Cover

MacPhoneHome Track and Recovery – If you select this option, you will receive the multi award winning MacPhonehome software by Brigadoon. This software simply allows you to gave peace of mind with by ensuring your costly Mac device is covered if lost or even stolen. With MacPhoneHome if your device was ever lost or stolen the software is constantly tracking your device so your always know where it is. In addition to this all the details are filed and passed on to the local authorities  in order to recover your property as fast as possible.

Accidental Damage Cover 3 Years

Accidental Damage Cover 3 Years

Accidental Damage cover for 3 years    A great option that gives you peace of mind if the inevitable was to happen. You can be sure that we will make it our greatest priority to fix your product and get it back to you as soon as possible….hassle free. We know how important your PC may be to your business therefore with our 3 years accidental cover you won’t have to worry we’ve got your back.

Windows 10 Pro on Mac

Windows 10 Pro on Mac with Boot Camp

Windows 10 Pro Config with Boot Camp –  Benefit from the unique experience of having OS X and Windows all in one on the same computer! Using Boot Camp we install Windows 10 on to your Apple Mac device and its as simple as that…. enjoy the latest operating systems that both Apple and Windows have to offer.

We firmly believe our promotions set us apart further from other companies due to always offering a unique, high level of service. If you are a PC User then this ‘Freebie ‘ option is not available and is substituted with the option of Accidental Damage Cover for 2 years  This option covers your Windows computer against the accidents that warranty doesn’t cover. Accidents involving personal devices are becoming more common,Loss/theft cover should be bought separately and will be offered to you after your lease starts.This option allows a maximum of one claim per device per year. 

A member of our Sales Team will discuss these options with you when an order is being placed or contact you prior to delivery to confirm your choice.  This current promotion will run up monthly until further notice; so be sure to contact our Sales Team before you miss out on these great offers.

















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