As both individuals and businesses, our demands and needs are constantly changing. The only thing that doesn’t change, however, is our craving to have the best technology, state of the art equipment and better user experience.

Yet with the daily flux of advertising promoting new laptops – designed to ‘do more’ with ‘updated technology’ and a ‘faster performance’ – it can be hard to keep on top of things. Selecting the most optimum laptop to suit your needs – be it Windows or Apple’s line of MacBooks – can be quite a challenge, particularly for most non-tech individuals.

It’s a decision you don’t want to rush into, or you may find yourself stuck with laptops you aren’t happy with for what seems like an eternity. This is exactly why many companies are now offering a far more appealing leasing option for laptops.

But what are the main benefits of leasing a laptop? Let’s take a look.

You won’t blow your budget

Cost is always a huge concern for any business, and most of us cannot afford to spend huge amounts for new laptops under constantly changing demands. Leasing therefore offers a great advantage to business owners.

By having a set amount of monthly cost, you’re able to manage your budget more effectively, allowing you to set aside finances for other important areas. This is far more convenient than having to pay a large amount at once, taking a hefty chunk out of your monthly budget. If you require ten MacBooks for an office or school, for example, leasing is a clear cost winner.

You’ll get ahead of your competitors

By taking advantage of the monthly payment options that come with leasing, you’re able to invest your budget in more creative ways which could put you one or two steps ahead of the competition. This could mean developing a new product or service, or finding other areas of technology which will improve your operations.

Such activity might not have been possible previously, due to the huge costs that come with purchasing. This is particularly ideal for small business owners, allowing them to compete with larger companies at rates they are comfortable with.

You’ll always stay on top of the game

We all want to have the latest, most advanced technology. Unfortunately for us, though, it’s always changing; after a while you’ll find that your laptops have become obsolete, and if you bought it, you might be stuck with it.

With leasing you can overcome this burden. After a while, you’ll be able to update your laptops for free with ones that are faster and newer. So, while your competitors are stuck firmly in the past, you’ll always be looking to the future – and you’ll be the first to get there.

So, is it time to lease?

Many businesses might feel that leasing is too much ‘hassle’, when in fact it’s often as quick and as simple as ordering online on sites such as Amazon. Most lease companies now use instant credit checks and E-Sign documents, ensuring there are no delays to the paperwork or financial checks, and speeding up the delivery process.

With so many benefits to businesses and other organisations, it’s no surprise that leasing is a more appealing option. So whether you’re after Windows laptops or Apple’s MacBooks, it’s time to get ahead with leasing.


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