I blogged about 2 months ago with regards to the release of the brand new HP Z1 All-in-One Graphics Workstation, and how it was due for release the HP z1 is an Apple beating graphics workstation available to hire and leasesoon. My last blog was about how this amazing new machine was set to rival the Apple 27” iMac. And rival it, it HAS. Now available from HardSoft Computers and starting at only £15.70 + vat per week, this sleek and stylish 27” All-in-One will literally MAKE you want to sit and work on it all day! Whereas HP Graphics Workstations are usually big dull and boring boxes under your desk, this is definitely the opposite!

Anyway, enough about the amazing design of the Z1, and now onto what it’s like on performance. The entry level HP Z1 comes with a Dual-Core i3-2120 Processor, a maximum of 32GB RAM and Intel HD 2000 Graphics. As already explained, this machine would be £15.70 + VAT on a Flexi-Lease.

However, by far the most exciting specifications of the Z1 are the brand new 2nd Generation Xeon Processors. (not yet available on any Apple Mac) Firstly is the E3-1245 2nd Generation Xeon Processor running 3.3GHz, with 8GB RAM and a 1TB Hard Drive as standard. Also as standard is a NVIDIA Quadro 1000M 2GB Graphics Card. This fantastic machine will boost your performance massively, yet, you won’t lose any of the design! However, you do pay for the performance with this machine costing £26.20 + vat on a three year lease from HardSoft Computers. Although both of the specs of Z1 I have mentioned are brilliant, however, the ‘top spec’ is the 2nd Generation E3-1280 Processor running at 3.5GHz (faster than the E3-1245 3.3GHz) and will come with a NVIDIA Quadro 3000M 2GB Graphics Card as Standard. The ‘top spec’ HP Z1 is available from £28.80 + VAT per week on lease. These are Apple Mac beating specs. Why wait for a new imac or wait for the Mac Pro to get faster when HP have it all.

HardSoft are HP Preferred Partners As well as ultra-fast processors, mega amounts of maximum RAM and NVIDIA 2GB Graphics, the HP Z1’s also have on-board speakers, an LED Backlight 2560 x 1440 27” Display and and wireless keyboard and mouse. Its modular style means its easy to upgrade – unlike the Apple iMac.

As a HP Preferred Partner, HardSoft Computers can offer all of the HP Graphics Workstations on a flexible lease. Please feel free to contact us 01279 718 693 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk. If you still want an Apple Mac then we lease and finance them as well. Or pop along to our East London store.


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