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Revolutionise the way you work with an Apple iPad

A few years ago iPads were seen as luxury items – not quite toys, but perhaps not a necessary tool of business either. But times have changed, and tablets have gone from nice-to-have luxuries to essential tools for many. Apple’s drive to put iPads into classrooms has ensured continued development of good quality apps for work and study, and that has boosted adoption in businesses, too.

There are many niche apps available for iPads, but we’re going to focus on more general iPad use in this article. 

Everyday admin

Running a business isn’t all glamour and glitz. There’s a certain amount of admin to do, and in the early months or years, this will be down to you. With your iPad in tow, you can cut back on the amount of admin that swallows up your time.

Banking apps are notable time-savers, since they allow you to perform quick, basic banking tasks without the need for cumbersome logins. Often, these apps double up as your security token (such as Barclays’ PinSentry feature). Not every bank has an app – The Co-Operative is an exception. However most other high street providers have rolled out something for iOS.

Communication and video

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Use Facetime or Skype to effortlessly communicate anywhere anytime

It’s crazy to think that the original iPad didn’t have a camera, front or back. Now, we’re utterly reliant on camera apps for all kinds of things. From document archiving to QR code recognition, the camera has become an essential business tool. Many businesses still prefer video calling to voice calls, so apps like Facetime serve them well.

Facetime lets you converse one to one over a data connection without the need for an additional login. For group conversation, Skype and Hangouts are good alternatives.

Sharing and collaboration

Working remotely means sharing documents and getting together ‘virtually’ to discuss projects. The iPad has allowed us to move beyond teleconferencing towards multi-faceted messaging and communication tools.

Evernote is one of the best examples of collaborative apps for iOS. It lets you draw, write or snap photos, then tag those items and share them with a group. Evernote’s strength is in its cross-platform compatibility, but it has a slightly steeper learning curve than something like Dropbox or Drive.

Apple is also bringing its own applications to the cloud, and we’ll soon see apps for iWork allowing full online collaboration. This will essentially be the native Apple equivalent to Microsoft’s Office suite, but with iCloud controlling the sharing.

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Explore and utilise a vast library of Apps

Exploring the market

The App Store is full to the brim with handy business applications. Often, you don’t know their potential until you give them a whirl.

With so many free iPad apps available for office work, you can experiment until you find your ideal productivity suite.


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