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HardSoft are expanding their products in Ireland !....HardSoft have been trading for over 25 years and we are specialists in both computing and finance. We have been an Apple Authorised reseller for a number of years but it is still important to keep in mind that we are also an authority on HP, Windows, Sony, Lenovo, Fujitsu and many many more! When you are looking to update, expand or replace your IT, HardSoft can offer you the right solution for your company.

Hardsoft newtork and serverLease your PC’s from HardSoft for great prices and packages! We have a huge range of PC’s to choose from- soon to be released on our new website. Our Apple leases have been so well received we will shortly be increasing our PC offers. We currently have a huge range of machines to lease available on the UK website and are looking to match these great offers to our Irish customers. We would LOVE to hear from you with which Windows Laptops and PCs you would like us to offer! Add your preferred computer in the comments below.

For an idea of our great prices, check out the HP 250 i7 Laptop for just €7.30 +VAT per week  or the HP 280 i7 PC from just €5.80 +VAT per week. These two great machines are a steal at these great prices and offer you an affordable refresh or expansion for your business. We also offer server updates and networks at competitive prices and have seamlessly installed a number of networks now. We can tailor your quote to meet all of your needs!

lenovo thinkpad leasingAs an independent reseller, we are impartial and will advise you on all of the best deals. Our prices are completely transparent and also have fantastic discounts. For example, we will give an 8% discount on all leases which are €19 per week and a staggering 11% discount on any lease over €37 per week. Our flexi- leases are a package deal which also offer you 3 years FREE warranty, telephone technical support and exciting renewal and upgrade offers.

Give one of our helpful sales team a call on 01 485 3026 or email for a no strings quote tailored to your needs. Our leases are so popular because we are completely unique, our packages offer you the ability to not just spread your costs but also have access to an IT help desk and warranty. This is perfect for SME’s looking for IT support incorporated in to their IT package. We look forward to hearing from you with your feedback! 


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