Do Your Own Deal Day is here and for one day only………..Our most amazing 24 hours is back- after 2 years and may not be repeated for another 2 years. As it says on the tin Do Your Own Deal Day is about you suggesting a deal and giving us a try – GIVE IT A WHIRL, WE MIGHT SAY YES.

If you’re thinking of getting one or more new Mac’s, PC’s, or other technology supplied by HardSoft then ORDER TODAY for the very best deal… Do not wait for tomorrow or next week- we will be offering one off unique deals TODAY only.

In truth, as long as the deal is realistic then we will say yes. We do still need to make (some) money, so we can’t give you 25% off, or do buy one get one free. This offer is open to new and existing customers so those of you who are already benefitting from the great HardSoft service can also get a BARGAIN!

Sensible offers will be listened to, considered and in the main accepted… So give it a shot! DAD-Carousel-2-OFFER-2

Let’s help you out a bit, what’s a sensible offer? We think these sorts of thing would be ideas we would definitely go for:

Order a Macbook 13” Retina and add an iPad Air 2, 16gb for just £ 2 extra a week, the iPad is normally £3.40 a week- so this represents a saving of over £200 on the lease.

Supersize your screens- order a couple of PC’s, with 22” screens and we will upgrade the screens to 27”.Do-a-Deal1

Double your Ram- available on 27” iMacs, MacPro and ALL PC’s- so order 16GB and get 32GB- this alone is worth over £300 on a Mac.

Order a 5 user Network, PC or Mac- and get a FREE Sonos Play 1 worth £160! Add a bit of music to your office.

SSD upgrade for your PC laptop or Towers, try us for a FREE upgrade.

Free Microsoft Office– add to your Mac or PC lease.DAD-Carousel-2-OFFER-1

Don’t be crazy we can’t give you free iPads or watches and we won’t be slashing our prices. Call us, be sensible- and we might just say yes.

Come on try us, pop us an email to or call us on 0207 111 1643 and speak to one of our sales team, for help, advice and see what deal they can get you.


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