In the aftermath of Brexit there is a lot of anxiety. Many people are worried and confused about the effect if will have on the country and themselves financially. Although Osbourne has come out saying that “Britain is ready to confront what the future holds from a position of strength”  Many feel like it is time to batten down the hatches and ride the storm. The question is, how long is that likely to take? With Cameron leaving his post- and a successor not taking his place until the autumn and invoking Article 50, the process of leaving the EU is expected to take up to two years…

leasing technology, lease, hardware purchasingUncertainty makes it even more important to run your business as efficiently as possible, having the ability to take advantage of expansion opportunities is vital. New computers in your planned capital expenditures may be critical in delivering the performance improvements you need in the coming year. Whether it be new Apple Mac’s, PC’s, Laptops or Tablets… New IT often provides a tangible cash flow benefit in increased revenue, lower costs or improved productivity, but these cash flow benefits are derived over time.

It is important to keep cash on hand- Cash is King- You may believe that if you have the cash available in your business to buy new computers, you should always pay with cash. This is because it is less expensive than financing the equipment through a bank loan or finance company… BUT

  • It is important to ensure that your business remains liquid and has plenty of cash available to manage future setbacks.
  • Businesses fail because of a shortage of cash, even while showing a profit.
  • Opportunities to grow and expand appear in times of recessions. It takes cash to take the advantage.

Buy cheap buy twice!- Do not fall in to the trap of thinking you should go cheap until the unpredictable times are over. Think of the long term!! If you spread the cost of an expensive machine that you really need, it is more likely to save you money over time. Better quality will always last longer and produce superior quality goods.

Take advantage of leasing- Financing new equipment through a lease allows better matching of future cash flow benefits with financing payments. Leasing your IT means that you do not have to lay out essential resources on technology upgrades. Spreading the cost enables you to utilise funds elsewhere. We can also defer payment to suit your needs. You can take delivery of your devices and defer your first instalment for 3 months. Saving you huge lay out’s of cash, especially on expensive Apple Mac’s. Remember leasing gives you the opportunity of 100% Tax relief- You can offset all lease payments against your annual tax profits. 100% tax relief on any leased equipment should reduce your tax bill!

An equipment financing and leasing specialist like HardSoft can structure a financing solution that optimises your business cash flow while meeting your accounting and tax objectives. Interest rates are low and HardSoft has many lenders eager to help in this area even for new start up businesses.why lease from

HardSoft Computers have been offering businesses their Flexible Finance Lease for over 25 years

WE ARE A ONE STOP SOLUTION. By being in control of both the equipment supply and the lease finance we can offer tailored solutions and support. It also makes us far cheaper.  It is quick and easy we can ship your products for next day delivery. As we arrange the finance AND supply the equipment it is a seamless transaction. Included in all HardSoft flexi- lease’s are 3 years Warranty, telephone technical support and fantastic renewal and upgrade options.

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