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Apple announced the iPhone 7 this week and it was all anyone could/ would talk about in the office! We all want one… even if we don’t admit it. The Apple Special Event highlighted all of the great aspects of the new iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. It didn’t mention however a few price hikes…

Have you noticed that when new products are released, the Apple website goes down to add the new products? When it came back up this time mind you, there seemed to be a few more changes. You see, the whole world is discussing the horror of a phone with no headphone jack but no one has even mentioned that the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro has gone up in price by nearly £17!! Did you miss it?? It is one of over 430 iOS products out of a possible 481 which have risen in price. When taking a closer look some accessories have risen by as much as 33%… and no one has batted an eyelid.

We can only guess as to why the changes have been made. I assume BREXIT has struck again and has something to do with the size of the price hikes- because of the uncertainty of the economy and the plunge of the pound. If only people had known it would adversely effect the price of the iPad Pro we have be dreaming about, Cameron definitely missed a trick in his campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, those that have not gone up, have actually come down, but the number of these pails in comparison. Also, not only did we have all of these price hikes in the UK, it seems the prices have been lowered in the USA. We all know that the prices are cheaper in the US, anyone looking for an Englishman in New York only need drop in to the Apple store. Last time I went I bought at least 4 other people device. (Throwing caution to the wattage of the charger to the wind of course, it is not recommended.) With these latest changes, the gap has only widened, sadly for us.

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