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Apple iMacs make for a clean, professional looking office

There’s a reason why the Mac is a favourite of creative professionals – it’s fast, reliable and it looks rather good too. So here are HardSoft’s 10 reasons why Macs are best for business: 

1. Reliability

People often ask us why Macs with equivalent specs cost more than PCs. While this kind of comparison makes sense on paper, Macs and PCs are actually quite different in practice. Apple makes hardware and software and sells them as a single unit. As a result, the computers it ships have a fairly standard, predicable configuration, and only the best devices make the cut. When you buy a PC, the hardware and software are not necessarily going to have been tested and refined in the same way.

2. Simplicity

Many business users resist switching from Windows because they don’t have the time to learn something new. In fact, many people find Macs a little easier to get on with. Fewer compatibility problems means there’s less need to update drivers or learn how the operating system works.

With a Mac, you can easily send a half-written email to your iPhone or iPad to finish later. Networking is very simple thanks to the intuitive interface in OS X. And iCloud enhances many native applications with instant syncing, so there are fewer reasons to have to connect with a cable.

3. Security

Apple behind bars

Macs are well protected against outside threats!

People often ask us if Macs get viruses. The truth is, they can, although it’s rare. Hackers are used to targeting Windows computers, mainly because there used to be millions more of them to exploit.

Modern Macs are built to resist any kind of attack, with a combination of automatic updating, monitoring and encryption keeping your data safe. In addition to the built-in OS X utilities, you can also install additional antivirus software for peace of mind.

4. Versatility

Macs have a long history in the creative industries, and many designers wouldn’t use anything else at work. If you work in photography, music production, animation or illustration, you probably already know exactly which Mac you want.

In recent years, Macs have taken leaps and bounds towards being even more versatile, and can now run a number of business applications out of the box. For anything not available on OS X, you can install Windows on your Mac and run the two operating systems in parallel – something that is simply not possible the other way around.

5. Performance

high performance computing

Experience fast, high performance computing

No two IT users are alike, and every Mac user will need a slightly different spec, depending on what they’re doing. This is largely why Apple produces such a wide range of hardware, starting at an RRP of £399 and going all the way up to £6,000 or more. If you value battery power and mobility, the Macbook Air will keep you working for longer than a full day in the office, all on a single charge. If you need pin-sharp graphics, a Retina display is a must. And to render video or produce stunning animation, you’ll need a Mac Pro or the very popular iMac 5K Retina. For office tasks, or running a server, a Mac Mini is exactly the right size.

6. Durability

Apple has been using aluminium since phasing out polycarbonate and fibreglass in the late 2000s. This aluminium gives each computer a scratch-resistant finish that is extremely difficult to break or crack. Mac laptops also have that incredible unibody design, which means that they are made from fewer parts without compromising strength. That’s why Mac laptops are so light, despite feeling solid. 

Aluminium is also incredibly easy to recycle when your laptop has had its day.

7. Sustainability

Apple sustainability

From manufacturing to disposal, Apple are leading the way in sustainable technology

Apple makes most of its computers from aluminium, a material that is incredibly easy to recycle. If a mistake is made in the manufacturing process, the ‘waste’ is simply recycled back into the production line with no fuss. Additionally, Apple’s manufacturing techniques means nothing is wasted; the aluminium cut-out for an iMac screen may be turned into the shell for a laptop.

And because the machines have a longer lifespan, fewer waste products go to landfill.

8. Longevity

Apple estimates that the life span of a Mac should be no fewer than 3 years. In practice, we know of customers using iMacs from 2009, or even earlier. Indeed it’s possible to run relatively modern software on some 10-year-old machines.

While we can’t guarantee such a long life from your Mac, we can certainly promise that it will serve you well for those first three years, and hopefully longer. At the end of your 3-year lease, you’ll always get the option to buy your Mac for a nominal fee, so you keep it going as long as it’s financially viable.

9. Shareability

Macs are designed for easy collaboration, and in an office environment, they lend themselves well to team working. If your colleagues are still prone to attaching documents to email and sending them to a long CC list, the Mac could revolutionise the way they work. Most native applications make use of iCloud, so you can share documents using the ID you’ve already created. And OS X also includes social sharing, so you can generate links straight to Facebook and Twitter. Security is built in.

As Apple moves its applications to the cloud, we’ll see even more advances in collaboration tools and even easier ways to work remotely.

10. Affordability

affordable and desirable

Everyone wants a Mac and leasing one from HardSoft increases affordability

Taking everything into account, Macs are the most affordable choice for business. They boost productivity with better software, less downtime and fewer support needs. They increase compliance with better security, without compromising on modern cloud innovations. And they last a long time, with three years being a minimum; the reality is that Macs often outlive PCs two or three times over.


Hardsoft is helping businesses harness the power of Mac computers without the upfront cost. Our Flexi-Lease makes Macs as affordable as a daily latté, and most plans can be purchased with warranties built in. Need an iPad or even a 3D printer? No problem, we’ll bolt them on to your lease. And we can even adapt your agreement when you’re ready to hire new staff.


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