Are you considering buying tablets or laptops for your school, but are having trouble deciding how to spend your precious funds? Leasing is cheaper than buying and the price is not the only advantage of leasing.



• Releasing capital- Leasing your IT means that you do not have to lay out essential resources on technology upgrades. Spreading the cost enables you to utilise funds elsewhere. We can also defer payment to suit your needs.

• Technical support- Continued support throughout your lease from our experienced technical staff that have been trained to a very high standard with expert knowledge and authorisation on both PC and Apple platforms. On delivery of your devices, we are on hand to assist you with you with synching and maintaining your devices.

Apple iPad Air

• Free training- Need training on your Apple iPads or Laptops ? Advice and ideas of Apps to use in education and how? One of our qualified trainers will be available to come in to your school, FREE of charge, and deliver a training program that is tailored to suit your needs. From iPad basics to App specifics. Your dedicated trainer will also maintain a close relationship with you in order to continually suggest how you may want to utilise your ipads in the classroom

• Insurance to cover accidental damageEvery lease for a school has all equipment covered by a comprehensive insurance cover, meaning any Apple iPad or Windows device that is accidentally damaged will be fixed or replaced at no cost to your school. This specialist cover for your students and teachers reduces exposure to schools for damage to iPads. A dropped iPad would be over £150 to repair a screen. With our insurance it is covered and there is NO excess premium to pay.

Broken Tablet

• Full 3 year Warranty- As standard all Apple iPads supplied will have a 3-year warranty to cover any problems. In the event of a hardware issue with an iPad we will send a replacement that day and swap it for the faulty one. Ensuring you have minimal down time and at no additional cost.

• Equipment Renewal/ Upgrade- Our normal lease is capped at a 3 year term, at the end we will provide an option to take back the old iPads and cancel the original lease providing you take a new lease on the latest Apple iPads. If you wish to keep the original iPads you can, but there would be a small cost to do this.

At HardSoft we offer your school an operating lease that is recommended by the Department of Education. Choosing HardSoft you enter into a partnership with an expert IT company with years of experience who are also a finance expert. We are essentially a one- stop shop for computer leasing and can-

Two cute girlfriends learning with books and touchpad

• Organise the paperwork

• Supply the equipment

• Install and train staff as required

• Provide experienced technical support on the equipment for the duration of the lease ensuring your devices are always available

• Manage any broken, lost or damaged equipment for you


As Authorised Resellers for Apple, HP, Dell, Toshiba and many others we can tailor make a solution for your school. HardSoft will supply, configure and train you and your staff on the equipment. We will even include, as standard, a comprehensive Damage Cover and Warranty agreement for the whole 3 year lease. With Apple iPad Air’s starting from just £ 9.40 a month you can truly bring forwards tomorrows project to today.

Call us at HardSoft Computers for help, advice and a quotation on your requirements.


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