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iMovie is a free app which can be downloaded to your iPad. It enables students to make movies and trailers using a range of templates and themes with incredible graphics and original scores. Customising your movie could not be easier ensuring the app is accessible for a range of ages and subject matter. Movies can be made personally or as a collaboration using one iPad. This is especially beneficial in classes with less than one iPad per student.

I have been asked lately for ideas on how to use the iPad in food technology, so at the weekend I set some friends children to make me an iMovie based on their food technology homework assignment. The assignment was to make a pizza.

The link below is the finished product.

iMovies are really fun to make and the narrative that accompanies the media ensures that students really engage with the material. They look great which promotes the feeling of a real accomplishment. iMovies has a number of export options including YouTube, mail, Showbie, Dropbox and iCloud Drive meaning they can be shared with the class and home easily. They can be completed over a number of lessons, the first one planning their video, the second taking the pictures/ video and completing the project.

Other ideas that have been shared with me are:

  • English- Romeo and Juliet trailer
  • P.E- Sporting event videos
  • Science- recording experiment results

Here is a step- by- step guide on how to make an iMovie in your classroom. 



iMovie tutorial.002

iMovie tutorial.003

iMovie tutorial.004

iMovie tutorial.005

iMovie tutorial.006

iMovie tutorial.007

iMovie tutorial.008

iMovie tutorial.009

iMovie tutorial.010

iMovie tutorial.011

Making an iMovie with your class is an captivating and rewarding task. The possibilities of use are endless and watching the finished products as a class is amusing as well as educational.

Here at HardSoft we are very excited to hear about your tips and successes, as well as any situations to avoid. By sharing information, we are creating a helpful resource and support network for all Schools working with us. If you would rather not comment on the blog please feel free to contact with your information or for advise.






















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