Well is it??

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a mobile friendly website… with so many people working from, gathering information and looking at their phones on the go there is a good chance if your website is accessed- it is from a mobile. Remember, first impressions are hard to forget and if yours is an unhelpful website, you can easily lose customers.

There is a way to check! And if your website is not mobile friendly- then it is time to make a change! If you are using something like WordPress (like we are) where you manage the content yourself, you can follow the Google steps for your provider to work out how to amend the site yourself.

If you are not able to make the changes yourself but don’t mind spending some money on your website you could hire a deMobile website veloper to do it for you. If you are going to make this choice, make sure it is the right one!! You could ask the developer for address for past customers to check out their work and ensure that the pages do not load too slowly. Remember, getting information on your phone is all about speed- especially if you cannot sit at a computer to check it out. To work together, they also need to really understand what you want and who it is for! This is a relationship which will need to last to keep up to date with your business growth and needs.

Of course, this is all in vain if you can get the job done yourself. If you are technical enough to deal with the job at hand, then why are you still reading this… get to it!  Also, do not forget to add  Web Analytics, like Google Analytics. You will then be able to easily track what customers are looking at- or not! This can really help to hone in on what parts of your website are working for you- and which parts of your business your customers are interested in. This insight is invaluable and is never a waste of time. You can also get the assistance you need for free.


HardSoft are committed to helping our customers get to grips with their technology. With all of our flexi leases you will enjoy the benefits of FREE warranty, technical support and excellent renewal and upgrade options. With our expanse of finance and IT  knowledge we can help you to make great choices for your company and support you all the way! For a quick and easy quote for the latest technology including Apple leasing contact our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643.


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