Do you own a Mac computer?

We want to know how you use it!

Throughout February, we’re running a Mac ownership survey to find out when, where and how people use their Macs. It’s short and sweet, and we want you to get involved.

Click here to start the survey

It doesn’t matter if you use the Mac at home or in the office, or if you bought it for work or play. We want to get responses from Mac users right across the spectrum, from occasional dabblers to people who live and breathe Apple hardware. If you use a Mac for school, or have a media centre on a Mini, get involved.

The survey is really short and simple. It takes fewer than 2 minutes to fill out, and it’s all done in your web browser.

Your answers will help us to formulate better leasing offers in 2015, so we can deliver savings where it matters most.

So grab your mouse and start the survey. If you need any support let us know.

PS. Don’t forget to submit your photos of your pimped-up, souped-up, personalised and customised Mac hardware over on our Facebook or Twitter profiles using #FlashYourMac


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