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The upgrade options for the 27″ iMac are the same now as a year ago when the model was revised The options for Ram, Storage etc have also remained static whilst the computer industry has progressed forwards………. HardSoft have now invested in a new facility which allows us to safely and securely pull apart your new iMac, add some bespoke upgrades, then reassemble , seal it and test it. All enveloped in a three year no quibble warranty.

Storage;  A new iMac has within it space for a 3.5″ hard drive and /or mSATA Flash Storage device. (Combine the two as Apple do and you create a Fusion drive)…..

Flash – available as 512GB and 1TB at a significant discount to that of the Apple Store and using faster technology.

Hard Drive Storage – now this is more exciting as we can fit your choice of drive from larger storage – 10TB on a Seagate Baracuda Pro- to faster disk speeds seagate for apple imaclike  the WD Black designed for the Creative Professional. How about a 4TB SSHD from Seagate for instance. The main brands are Seagate and Western Digital. We have over fifty compatible hard drives that we can bespoke your 27″ iMac with so just let us know.

Ram Upgrades – we are able to use third party such as Crucial or OWC to get your iMac to 64GB – at a reasonable cost. Apple offer a max of 32GB on the Apple Store.

EMAIL US WITH YOUR REQUEST FOR A NEW 27″ IMAC TO YOUR SPEC AND WE WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN ACHIEVE. We have been trading for over 30 years and our experience of repairing Mac’s means perfect results and reliability from the bespoke iMacs.

Leasing your iMac from HardSoft is quite painless and these PIMP YOUR MAC options are quick to deliver on a three year lease which includes the comfort of a three year No Quibble warranty.


Lease a Mac today by calling 0207 111 1643 or emailing to speak to a friendly advisor.



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