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Should we use iPads in Schools?

The debate rages on and the same question is asked: “Should we use iPads in Schools?” With so many varying opinions, we take a look at the issue in detail, asking are they just a passing craze or can they really help children to learn in a new and exciting way?

Check out the advantages

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you need to at least consider the question as not doing so could mean that your children are failing to benefit in ways that they should. Many teachers that already use iPads take the view that they are a great asset to the classroom, enabling them to support and add to lessons rather than detract. Let’s look at some of the reasons why many rate them so highly: read more


iMac Pro – What Else Can You Get for your Money?

Apart from a small car or a dream holiday… The iMac Pro is here with a starting price of £4899 configurable into the £13000 mark… apart from a small car or a great holiday could there be computing alternatives.So what alternatives are there to the iMac Pro, and does it represent good value.

The first issue you will have to face is that you will need to jump ship from Apple and into a PC and Windows 10 operating system. If you’ve spent your entire life using Apple’s iOS, this is probably the thing that scares you most about making the move to Windows. But what’s it actually like using Windows? Current PCs aren’t what they were, in fact Microsoft hasn’t just caught up with Apple, in many ways they’re leading the pack. read more


Are Apple getting serious about VR game development?

There have been issues with some older Apple computers not supporting VR game development and users finding it difficult to work out which are compatible and which are not.  But that will not be the case for much longer as things are changing for the good with the introduction of Apple’s new High Sierra OS.

Addition of metal 2 API + eGPU

As we already know, within the High Sierra update there is already an improved version of Apple’s Metal graphics API and this, together with the eGPU Development Kit, enables developers to continue on their journey of creating apps with full VR content. read more


The next developments for the Mac Pro

Next year could be a big one for Mac users, with the announcement from Apple that we’ll soon be seeing a radical revamp to the Mac Pro. But what is in store and when might we see these big changes? Here’s everything we know so far.

When is it coming?

In April 2017, Apple made a series of announcements regarding the Mac Pro. It’s been a long time coming – the current version of the Mac Pro has been available since December 2013. With new iPhones coming and going, it rather seemed like desktop users were being forgotten so it’s great to hear that Apple have some big developments in store. read more