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Organise yourself with iOS11

iPad iOS11 Files

Have you seen it? iOS 11 I mean… it is killing my phone battery (turn off Background App Refresh in Settings- General) until they iron out those cheeky little App bugs that keep us on our toes. They have finally made a file app though, hallelujah!!

When I go into schools and explain that all of the work they save to their iPads will usually be found in the camera roll, I can hear the collective sigh. We all take pictures of recipes and letters all the time… followed by 500 hundred pictures of our kids/ pets and selfies, only to have to go and fish the information we need at a later date. Yes, you can find your documents in Pages or save to iBooks, but all of those PicCollages and pictures of students work can be a real pain to find at a later date. read more


Meet your Account Managers

The brothers in 1983 who started HardSoft

HardSoft has been trading for more than 30 years, started by our founders and brothers – Andrew and Philip Morgan – in 1982. Both have always been at the forefront of computer and IT technology and pride themselves on HardSoft’s ability to stay current and move with the ever changing landscape of the industry. Starting designing and selling computer games for the Dragon 32 back in 1983 then selling Amstrad PC’s in the early ’90’s. The HardSoft Sales team shares the ethos of Phil and Andy. Account managers are always up to date with the latest products and offers, so that we can provide you with the best kit for your needs, at the best price. read more


What are the Best new features in iOS 11?

The latest Apple update hit our systems last month and there was the usual frenzy of people trying to download it to their iPhones. But was it worth the wait? What do you think? Pretty much all of the HardSoft team are Apple users and they’ve all now downloaded iOS 11, so we asked them what they thought about this latest update.

New Customisable Control Centre

The new control centre is full of widgets that you can access simply by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. The control centre has had a redesign allowing you to fit more on the screen and you can change what you have on it. You can increase/decrease the brightness, select the camera and choose whether to take a selfie or a forward facing photo, turn your wifi and bluetooth on and off, and add whatever you want. read more


Virtual reality and augmented reality hardware

Tech experts have been discussing what virtual reality (VR) could be capable of for a while, yet it has only been in the last year or so that the technology has started to attract widespread attention. Now with big name manufacturers including Google, Sony, Samsung and HTC all entering the market with affordable solutions, virtual reality is really starting to catch on. But how could this hardware work for you and your company? We’ve looked at VR for business in more detail.

VR and AR in business

With technology evolving, possible uses for virtual or augmented reality hardware within a work environment are multiplying all the time. In fact, recent research by Bitkom claims that augmented, mixed and virtual reality hardware could save businesses around 88 million Euros by 2020. read more